Zonta Club of Bad Homburg honors Zonta’s centennial with exploration into women and literature from the past century

In 1919, women did not only begin to raise their voices in politics but also in literature. This development was the focus of a moderated reading, “Women and Literature,” organized by the Zonta Club of Bad Homburg in Germany, District 28, at the public library in Bad Homburg.

Eva Sigrist, founder of LiteraTouren and Birgitta Assheuer, well-known and gifted speaker, guided the audience through 100 years of literature written by German-speaking women. The messages of the authors were as versatile as their experiences, temperaments and personalities.

Sigrist and Assheuer presented, among others, poems of Ingeborg Bachmann and Hilde Domin, a letter from Mari-Luise Fleißner, as well as works from Jewish authors Else Lasker-Schüler, Irmgard Keun, Nelly Sachs and Ilse Aichinger.  They also presented authors from East Germany—Christa Reinig, Christa Wolf and Sarah Kirsch.

The reading ended  with poems of contemporary authors—Ulla Hahn, Barbara Köhler, Monika Rink and Nora Gomringer. After the reading there was the opportunity for discussion.

With this special anniversary event, the Zonta Club of Bad Homburg wanted to emphasize that Zonta encourages women to raise their voices and so strengthen their status in our society.

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