Denmark Zonta clubs honor centennial by educating high school students about gender equality

Teachers at six high schools and one international school in Aarhus and Viborg, Denmark, have entered their students in the Zonta High School Project 2019 about Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) No. 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.


  • STX students have the opportunity to work extensively with SDG No. 5.
  • The teachers are given the opportunity to work in a new way with an important and highly current theme. The project does not involve additional work for them.
  • Zonta gains insight into how young people today relate to gender equality. This will help to qualify Zonta’s work to continue to make Goal No. 5 relevant to young women and men.

In the school subjects history, social studies, English or Danish, the students are working with one or more of the following SDG topics:

  • Why are forced underage marriages not sustainable?
  • The right to decide over one’s own body (regarding circumcision, how many children one can have, etc.).
  • Equal opportunities for both genders (right to education, work, equal pay, etc.).
  • Equal access to participation in political decision-making.
  • Equal rights to freedom of expression.
  • The evolution of gender roles over the last 100 years.
  • Or a topic related to gender equality that is close to students’ everyday lives.

 Gender Quality Event: 5 p.m. – 8 p.m., Thursday, 7 November in the banquet hall at Aarhus Cathedral School

Following the students’ work in school, Zonta is hosting a gender equality event at Aarhus Cathedral School for the participating high schools. Emma Holten, a modern feminist with strong views, will give a talk as a prelude to a debate between the students, where they will present and discuss the essence of their projects and their views on gender equality with each other.

Gender Equality – From high school students’ point of view to a global perspective

  • Locally: Students and teachers exchange views on a topic that influences everyone’s life
  • Regionally: The students’ thoughts and messages about Gender Equality are discussed across the youth education programs in the region
  • Globally: Via Zonta’s international network their messages are made known.

This project is a collaboration between three Zonta clubs in Denmark, District 13, Area 1: Aarhus I, Aarhus II and Viborg. This special project is part of the celebration of the Zonta 100th anniversary.

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