Zonta Club of Bielefeld honors Zonta’s centennial with ‘say yes to no’ campaign

Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women. The Zonta Club of Bielefeld in Germany, District 29, took it to heart and gave it a twist.

With an oxymoron approach, the “Say Yes to No” campaign was designed to provoke questions and seek ambassadors. Club members want to be asked what they “say yes to no” to and find out what others think.

On 23 May, some club members met at a print and art workshop to make handmade T-shirts bearing the slogan “say yes to no.” T-shirts in children’s and adult sized have been available to buy, wear and give to others since May.

The club is encouraging people to post photos of themselves wearing the T-shirts with #sayyestono and posting them on their Instagram page, @zonta_club_bielefeld. They want people to say yes to no to child marriage, violence against women and more.

The campaign, which began to celebrate Zonta’s 100th anniversary, began with a few T-shirts and developed into an online store. The campaign will end in November with an event where the club will reflect on Zonta’s 100 years, the projects it has supported and the story behind the Say Yes to No campaign.

“It’s not just the one big thing that does justice to advocacy, it is the sum of lots of little things that can have massive impact,” says Jessica Thamm of the Zonta Club of Beilefeld.

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