Zonta Club of Burg Staufenberg-Giessen celebrates Centennial Anniversary with multiple engaging events

In October, the Zonta Club of Burg Staufenberg-Giessen, Germany, celebrated Zonta’s Centennial Anniversary with three highlights:

The club started with an exhibition entitled “Who needs FEMINISM today?”

This formed  the background to events that took place in the huge town hall in Giessen. One exceptional event was an evening performance open to the public in the form of a poetry slam. Six slammers competed against each other on the subjects of sexism, violence and women in general.

Another event was an inspiring and inspired presentation by a well-known German coach and author, Kerstin Plehwe, of Berlin, on the topic of women and success. It was followed by a lively discussion  about women’s rights, equal pay and quotas.

Both events were very well attended and communal politicians as well as the local press were present.

Prior to this was the third highlight, a round table discussion with a group of  young women, journalism and media students at the University of Giessen. They were also talking on the subject of women and success.

This discussion can be found on the club’s YouTube channel.

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