District 3 honors Zonta’s Centennial Anniversary at 2019 district conference

District 3’s 2019 Conference theme was, “The 100 Year Bridge: Putting Knowledge and Ideas into Action to Achieve Gender Equality.” The program cover included a bridge with women in dress representing and crossing the last 100 years.

The district’s Centennial Torch was passed from the centennial committee chairman to her daughter—both from different Zonta clubs in the district. The torch is now visiting each club until the Convention. 

Three District 3 clubs received a Zonta International Centennial Anniversary Grant and were applauded along with the mention of the USA Centennial Anniversary Awardee. 

The District Centennial Award was presented to the club of the leader of a non-profit organization that is a safe house for women. Further centennial information was included in a presentation of the Centennial Anniversary Endowment Campaign and the Zonta International Foundation’s projects.

Additionally, members and Zonta International Director Lalivan Karnchanachari wore teal throughout the conference, and everyone celebrated with a special centennial cake at a gala dinner.

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