Zontians from Area 5 in District 30 join for centennial celebration at Sofia University

On 9 November, in the crowded Aula of Sofia University, “St. Kliment Ohridski,” Zontians from Area 5 in District 30 solemnly celebrated the 100th anniversary of Zonta International.

The ceremony was the culmination of a year-long series of events dedicated to Zonta International’s Centennial Anniversary, through which members from Bulgaria, Romania and Northern Macedonia honored the memory of Zonta’s founders and celebrated their achievements in the name of a better life for our women of the world.

There were many state and public figures as guests, including: Diana Savateva, vice-chair of the Committee on Culture in Parliament; Denitsa Sacheva, deputy minister of Science and Education; Doncho Barbalov, deputy mayor of Sofia Municipality; Stefka Kostadinova, chairman of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee; and many other friends who have supported the clubs’ causes over the years

Bulgarian Vice President Iliana Yotova also sent a congratulatory address.

The ceremony was opened by Maria Stefanova, ambassador of the Committee for the Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Europe and Africa IP, and Yana Yaneva-Gencheva, chairman of the District Committee for Honor, History and Archives, with the presentation of a short film about the first years of Zonta International and the creation of Area 5.

Zonta International’s Special Award for Outstanding Contribution to Women’s Empowerment was presented to Reneta Indzhova, the only female prime minister of Bulgaria (1994-1995) by District 30 Governor Valdimira Tracheva.

In her speech, Ms. Inzhdova emphasized: “Advocacy for women is a cause I could not but support. I have always been true to Zonta International’s ideas – to help women be equal. In the name of the human race, in the name of divine unity, we must support intelligent, qualified, free-willed and willing women. ”

The celebration continued with the presentation of the book “I am …”, in which we women of Zonta present the fates of 100 women, an example of pursuit, inspiration, and motivation. Women who have followed their dreams and pursue their goals without fail have left significant traces.

The book was presented by the travel journalist Georgi Toshev, and the author of the biographical references Lilia Filipova, shared with her how much love and admiration for the power of the female spirit worked on the book.

All the ladies who have served as areas directors, since the creation of Area 5 until now, received honorary plaques, in recognition of and appreciation for the dedication, nobility, time and resources dedicated to the organization in the two years of service.

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