Zonta clubs of Seligenstadt, Aschaffenburg and Alzenau honor Zonta’s Centennial with rally

The Zonta Club of Seligenstadt, in collaboration with the clubs of Aschaffenburg and Alzenau—all in Germany—organized their first rally on Sunday, 22 Sept, in honor of Zonta’s centennial.

The participants were greeted by the presidents and organizers—Christine Widmer and Martina Christl from the Zonta Club of Aschaffenburg (District 28), Dr. Eva Heberer from the Zonta Club of Seligenstadt (District 28) and Gisela Eichfelder, from the Zonta Club of Alzenau (District 14), on the grounds of the local School of Masonry in the vicinity of Aschaffenburg’s Castle.

To underscore their support not only of the local Zonta clubs but especially of Zonta’s goal to support women and end child marriage, the mayors of Aschaffenburg and Seligenstadt honored the rally with their presence. Mr. Herzog, mayor of Aschaffenburg, cut the ribbon with the youngest participant at the starting point. Dr. Bastian, Mayor of Seligenstadt, met and accompanied the guests on the ferry ride across the Main from the Bavarian side of the river to Seligenstadt on the Hessian side.

The course took 70 participants in 25 cars over to the airport of Ringheim, then crossed the Main River by ferry. Hessian Seligenstadt was explored on foot and the intricate country roads of the Bavarian Spessart took the participants to their final destination, the restaurant on the golf course Hofgut Trages near Alzenau.

The rally was accompanied and filmed by Ligaco Drone Experts, Seligenstadt, who donated their time. Excerpts of the filmed event will be publicized shortly on the clubs’ websites.

The rally netted €5,000 (approximately US$5,511), which will be donated as a joint contribution to the ZISVAW Fund in support of Zonta’s Ending Child Marriage project.

Zonta Clubs of Sanremo and Ventimiglia-Bordighera celebrate centennial with gala benefiting local women

Zonta Clubs of Sanremo and Ventimiglia-Bordighera joined to celebrate Zonta’s first 100 years.

The grand ball took place at the Grand Hotel del Mare in Bordighera, Italy. The clubs also organized a lottery, whose proceeds will go to women who lost family, houses or work after Ponte Morandi of Genoa collapsed in 2018, killing 43 people.

Read more about the event here.

Zonta Club of Speyer-Germersheim celebrates Zonta’s centennial with historical walking tour

The Zonta Club of Speyer-Germersheim in Germany, District 28, organized a walking tour through Speyer, one of the oldest cities on the Rhine River, to celebrate Zonta’s 100th anniversary.

The tour led by a local female guide specializing in women’s history raised awareness of the often-forgotten contributions of women to historical events as well as social and political developments. Speyer served as a good example of the fact that history written by those in power tends to neglect the ideas and activities of women.

The Zontians enjoyed an informative evening to honor Zonta, celebrating how long women have come in the past 100 years, and thinking about what still needs to be done.

Zonta Club of Perth Inc: Calling the Cosmos for Zonta’s centennial

The Zonta Club of Perth Inc in Western Australia, District 23, chose to celebrate Zonta’s centennial anniversary with an event titled, “Cosmos Calling: Space the Next Frontier.”

This event took place under the dome of Perth’s SciTech Planetarium during Science Week. It featured a planetarium show, presentations by three exciting female astrophysicists and a lively panel discussion. The aim of the night was to promote the Amelia Earhart Fellowship and Women in Technology Scholarship, as well as inspire women and girls to take more interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). It worked!

The emcee was the State’s former Chief Scientist, Professor Lyn Beazley. She described how Aboriginal people’s movements were guided by the position of the ’emu’ in the Milky Way. She introduced the three speakers:

  • Dr Natasha Hurley-Walker works with the Murchison Widefield Array (the precursor to the Square Kilometre Array – SKA). She showed the beauty of the Cosmos in ‘radio colour’ by colouring non-visible wavelengths that usually appear as blackness to our human eyes.
  • Dr Katarina Miljkovic works on NASA’s InSight mission monitoring the seismic activity on Mars to see if the planet’s centre is ‘soft or hard-boiled’ and showed a ‘selfie’ that the InSight lander had taken on Mars.
  • Dr Ellie Sansom works on the global Fireball Network tracking fireballs through the sky using a global camera network. The cameras can also monitor the changing orbits of satellites. She encouraged everyone to report fireballs using a special app.

Club President Carole Theobald welcomed everyone to this special Zonta centennial event and provided an introduction to Zonta and its work. She dressed as a suffragette to celebrate Zonta’s Centennial and it being 100 years since women in the USA obtained the right to vote. 

Judy Gorton, Zonta International Director, provided a heartfelt vote of thanks to the speakers and audience, explaining how funds raised will go towards Zonta’s service and education programs.

 A full report is available on the club’s website www.zontaperth.org.au

Zonta Club of Taichung celebrates Zonta’s 100th and shows support for ending child marriage with concert and parade

The Zonta Club of Taichung and Z Club of Taichung Hong Wen in Taiwan, District 31, celebrated Zonta’s 100th anniversary with a concert and a parade that supported the Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women campaign and Zonta’s actions to end child marriage.

The concert was successful and attracted many participants. After the intermission of the concert and with the guidance from the host, the 500 attendees—including citizens of Taichung City, students from Hong Wen High School and Zontians—shouted out “Zonta Says NO.” The audience’s awareness of the Zonta spirit and goal to end child marriage was elevated.

Members of the Z Club of Taichung Hong Wen led the way in the parade with a Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women banner.

Along with their fellow students from Hong Wen High School, Z club members wore blue “Zonta 100” T-shirts for the parade and shouted out the slogan “Zonta Says NO” along the way.

The parade successfully caught the attention of the public. The Zonta spirit and goal to end child marriage represented in the parade were widely spread.

Zonta Club of Bad Homburg honors Zonta’s centennial with exploration into women and literature from the past century

In 1919, women did not only begin to raise their voices in politics but also in literature. This development was the focus of a moderated reading, “Women and Literature,” organized by the Zonta Club of Bad Homburg in Germany, District 28, at the public library in Bad Homburg.

Eva Sigrist, founder of LiteraTouren and Birgitta Assheuer, well-known and gifted speaker, guided the audience through 100 years of literature written by German-speaking women. The messages of the authors were as versatile as their experiences, temperaments and personalities.

Sigrist and Assheuer presented, among others, poems of Ingeborg Bachmann and Hilde Domin, a letter from Mari-Luise Fleißner, as well as works from Jewish authors Else Lasker-Schüler, Irmgard Keun, Nelly Sachs and Ilse Aichinger.  They also presented authors from East Germany—Christa Reinig, Christa Wolf and Sarah Kirsch.

The reading ended  with poems of contemporary authors—Ulla Hahn, Barbara Köhler, Monika Rink and Nora Gomringer. After the reading there was the opportunity for discussion.

With this special anniversary event, the Zonta Club of Bad Homburg wanted to emphasize that Zonta encourages women to raise their voices and so strengthen their status in our society.

Zonta Club of Oil City-Franklin celebrates 100th birthday in local parade

The Zonta Club of Oil City-Franklin in USA, District 4, celebrated 100 years of Zonta during the Oil Heritage Parade on 27 July 27 in Oil City, Pennsylvania.

The club had a float and tried to get as many Zontians from all over District 4 to celebrate with them to walk or ride in the parade.

“It was a wonderful celebration for our 100 year anniversary,” says Rebekah Deal, the club’s secretary.

Zonta Club of Trenton/Mercer commemorates centennial with grant to benefit homeless women

To commemorate Zonta’s 100th anniversary, the Zonta Club of Trenton/Mercer in USA, District 3, raised US$10,000 and presented a grant to the Rescue Mission of Trenton on 20 June.  

The money was used to provide a new kitchen and counter tops for a home renovation provided by the Rescue Mission for local homeless women.

“Zonta Club of Trenton/Mercer’s mission of improving the status of women and children is so clearly focused on this grant as the kitchen in the home for formerly homeless women allows for four women to start anew,” stated Denise Erb, co-president of the Zonta Club of Trenton/ Mercer.

The Rescue Mission of Trenton serves the truly needy men and women who have no place to turn for shelter, food, and clothing. The mission provides a safe, clean, warm refuge for the homeless, the hungry, the transient and the addicted.

The new home for women is the first home dedicated to women by the Rescue Mission. The Zonta Club of Trenton/Mercer was the only non-governmental agency and non-profit supporting this project.

Photo: Denise Erb is pictured with the new residents of the Rsecue Mission home.