Mumbai Zonta clubs celebrate the centennial anniversary at festive, music-filled event

The Zonta clubs of Bombay I Bombay III in India, District 25, celebrated Zonta’s 100th birthday with the event, “Zonta Centennial Melody Night,” on 2 November at Jai Hind College Auditorium in Mumbai.

The evening was attended by Zonta International Centennial Committee Member Hsin Hsin Yang of Taiwan, her husband, Gan-dih King, and Shu-Ian Chiu and Yen-ju Chao of Zonta clubs in Taiwan. Zonta District 25 Area 2 Vice-Director Zareen Delawar Hussain, representing Bangladesh and Nepal, also attended.

It was an evening filled with Western & Bollywood songs by Hijackers Orchestra and dances ranging from Indian folk Dances to modern steps. The dance performers were students of Lady Engineer High School and Girton High School, teachers of Feel the Dance Academy, and crew of Monarch Entertainers, choreographed by Zonta member Monica Raheja.

The dances conveyed Zonta’s commitment to saying “No” to violence and women empowerment. There was also a blindfolded solo Indian dance. Guest Artist Delzad Doctor presented a fusion dance with Kathak by co-dancer Pooja.

Governor-Elect Errick Elavia welcomed and introduced honored guests and presented special mementos to them. Jam-e-Jamshed and Parsiana were recognized for their 30 years media partnership to project Zonta’s service and advocacy to their readers in India and abroad.  

Firuza Sena, Zonta District 25 Area 1 Vice-Director representing India and Sri Lanka, introduced service partners of the Zonta Club of Bombay III. The club’s Centennial Community Award went to SNEHA, received by Director Dr. Nayreen Daruwalla, and Save the Children India, received by Director Jyoti Nale. Doctor was also celebrated with a memento.

Length of Membership Awards were presented to Gulshan Patel (30 years), Freny Paghdiwala (40 years), Havovi Dotivala (47 years) and Tanaz Tarapore (56 years).

Hsin Hsin Yang was appreciative of Mumbai Zontians’ commitment to Zonta’s goals. She had gifts for both Zonta clubs and all Zontians of Bombay. 

Hamburg Zonta clubs joined by mayor and 500 guests in grand centennial celebration

The five Zonta clubs in Hamburg, Germany, District 27, gathered for a celebration of Zonta’s centennial anniversary on 12 December in Hamburg, where the 2022 Zonta International Convention will be held.

During the event, held at Hamburg’s Chamber of Commerce, First Mayor of Hamburg Peter Tschentscher delivered an address to the audience of more than 500 people.

Mayor Tschentscher recognized Zonta’s achievements at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce.

“Women’s rights are human rights. That makes Zonta always clear, directly with its own campaigns. For example against genital mutilation, forced marriage and violence against women, but also through participation in international organizations,” he said. “Genuine equal opportunities in all areas of life is the prerequisite for a social climate in which violence and discrimination—even in a hidden form—have no acceptance. Thank you very much for your work and congratulations on the 100th anniversary!”

Special guests of honor included Zonta International President Susanne von Bassewitz and journalist Meike Winnemuth. Queen Silvia of Sweden and Germany’s first lady, Elke Büdenbender, also sent greetings ahead of the event.

The event raised €18,000 (approximately US$20,000), which will go to the Zonta International Foundation to support the Ending Child Marriage project.

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German Zonta clubs celebrate centennial anniversary in Frankfurt am Main

On 11 November, 10 German Zonta clubs gathered to celebrate Zonta’s centennial anniversary at the Römer, one of Frankfurt am Main’s most important landmarks. 

The event hosted 300 guests, including Zonta International President Susanne von Bassewitz, Frankfurt-am-Main Mayor Peter Feldmann.

President Susanne and the mayor gave speeches, both concluding that if women and girls receive more education, equality will be greater and the world will become a better place.

District 2 includes clubs virtually in its centennial celebration

District 2 celebrated Zonta International’s centennial anniversary at Governor Irene Orton’s home.

All clubs were invited to participate virtually to toast to Zonta’s 100th birthday.

The Zonta clubs of Glens Falls, Albany, Upper Hudson,  Ottawa, Montgomery-Fulton, Skaneateles and Syracuse were represented at the celebration, which culminated with the sharing of vignettes from the “What is the Woman’s Rights Movement.”

Zonta Club of Wangaratta Inc celebrates centennial with dedicated bench and dinner event

The Zonta Club of Wangaratta Inc in Australia, District 23, dedicated a bench in their community as part of their celebration of Zonta’s centennial anniversary.

The plaque on the bench said, “In memory of those who have been touched by domestic violence. 100 years Zonta International Project” and included the phone number for the National Sexual Assault, Domestic Family Violence Counseling Service.

The club also hosted a centennial dinner, where their Woman of the Year Award was given to Maree Timms.

Bendigo celebrates 100 years of Zonta, 39 years in Bendigo and Women of Achievement

Thirty-nine years ago, the Zonta Club of Bendigo in Australia, District 23, joined the global Zonta family with the sponsorship of the Zonta Club of Melbourne. Heather Winderlich, charter president, laid the foundations for a strong club focused on achieving the ideals of Zonta.

On Friday, 15 November, the club hosted an evening that showcased what it has achieved over the past 39 year and Zonta’s accomplishments in the last century. It also thanked its 23 Women of Achievement.

For the last few years, the club has asked the community to nominate women who demonstrate a commitment to leadership in their community. As a result of her service, the community is a better place to live. This could be a visionary leader, a volunteer or a mentor. Club members continue to be inspired by the outstanding women that are providing so much in bettering the lives of all.

The club also awarded two very special centennial awards: Community Award to Greater City of Bendigo Mayor, Margaret O’Rouke and Champion Award to Sue Brown, charter member.

Past awardees and nominees:

Willi Carney (special Women of Achievement Award recipient in celebration of the club’s 20th year)

Recipients: Karen Riley, Val Campbell and Gayle Maddigan

Recipients: Katherine Legge, Kaye Graves and Margaret Keech

Recipients: Sei Sei Mu Thein, Cathy Steele
Nominees: Jan Boynton, Johanna Spehr, Karen Whillance, Lauren Randle. Louise Scott, Anita Jack, Heather Ridge, Jac Torres-Gomez

Recipients: Julie Oberin and Margaret Singe
Nominees: Judy Stewart, Kathy Tuohey, Jenny Rainsford, Laura Dusseljee

Zonta Club of Pampanga launches media awareness campaign in celebration of Zonta’s centennial

The Zonta Club of Pampanga, Philippines, District 17, held a media campaign in that covered the whole Central Luzon.

Four to five members of the club were interviewed live to talk about Zonta, its advocacy and its celebration of 100 years. They also discussed the Centennial Anniversary Endowment Campaign and were given the opportunity to entice possible donors for the Zonta International Foundation.

The club also had a mini motorcade before they proceeded to radio stations. These interviews appeared on two radio stations on 7 and 8 November.

The Zonta Club of Pampanga was also featured on Orbit News, an online news that covers not just the province of Pampanga but also the Northern part of the Philippines.

Another write-up about Zonta 100 years was featured at Punto News last November 19 mentioning how the club celebrated the 100 anniversary of ZOnta.

This awareness campaign brought a huge impact for Zonta. The club received several messages on Facebook from victims of abuse. Some messaged the club to congratulate and show support.

The club initiated this activity to create awareness about Zonta and what it does for the community. This initiative provided the club a platform to make any abuse survivors aware of Zonta’s presence in Pampanga.

Zonta Club of Mainz celebrates centennial by highlighting the role of women in the media

In honor of Zonta’s 100th anniversary, the Zonta Club of Mainz, Germany, District 28, held an event in the format of a panel discussion on the topic “Women and the Media.” Their goal was to advocate for women’s rights and gender equality.

Women’s image and role in the media is heavily influenced by existing social and cultural norms, discrimination and by hypersexualized images and, as the #MeToo debate shows, often by sexual violation. The club’s goal was to shed light on an industry that is male-dominated with a significant lack of women in leadership positions. This industry has a high impact on how women and men are perceived in society.

Five prominent and well-known women of different media businesses in high-ranking positions discussed this topic from the different angles of their companies: the director of a big broadcasting company, the president of the film academy, an independent film producer and the executive director of one of the leading publishing companies.

The discussion under the lead of an anchor woman in German TV, emphasized once more, that only a change in gender relations can generate women’s empowerment and that abolishing negative traditional gender stereotypes is key to achieving gender equality.

The experts highlighted that they have taken considerable measures in their companies to create a positive and non-stereotyped image of women and men in the media, to combating women’s image of inferiority and submission as well as any stereotypes about men’s masculinity.

The discussion also revealed self-reflection and the need to accept leadership and directions from women.

The event under the auspices and in presence of the Minister for Family, Women, Youth and Integration of Rhineland-Palatinate took place in the location of the broadcasting company and attracted over 230 participants, Zontians and non-Zontians.

Finger food and drinks were served at the reception following the event and gave attendees ample opportunity to raise awareness of the many fields of discrimination in women’s lives and of Zonta’s mission to empower women and girls.