Zonta Club of Pampanga launches media awareness campaign in celebration of Zonta’s centennial

The Zonta Club of Pampanga, Philippines, District 17, held a media campaign in that covered the whole Central Luzon.

Four to five members of the club were interviewed live to talk about Zonta, its advocacy and its celebration of 100 years. They also discussed the Centennial Anniversary Endowment Campaign and were given the opportunity to entice possible donors for the Zonta International Foundation.

The club also had a mini motorcade before they proceeded to radio stations. These interviews appeared on two radio stations on 7 and 8 November.

The Zonta Club of Pampanga was also featured on Orbit News, an online news that covers not just the province of Pampanga but also the Northern part of the Philippines.

Another write-up about Zonta 100 years was featured at Punto News last November 19 mentioning how the club celebrated the 100 anniversary of ZOnta.

This awareness campaign brought a huge impact for Zonta. The club received several messages on Facebook from victims of abuse. Some messaged the club to congratulate and show support.

The club initiated this activity to create awareness about Zonta and what it does for the community. This initiative provided the club a platform to make any abuse survivors aware of Zonta’s presence in Pampanga.

Zonta Club of Mainz celebrates centennial by highlighting the role of women in the media

In honor of Zonta’s 100th anniversary, the Zonta Club of Mainz, Germany, District 28, held an event in the format of a panel discussion on the topic “Women and the Media.” Their goal was to advocate for women’s rights and gender equality.

Women’s image and role in the media is heavily influenced by existing social and cultural norms, discrimination and by hypersexualized images and, as the #MeToo debate shows, often by sexual violation. The club’s goal was to shed light on an industry that is male-dominated with a significant lack of women in leadership positions. This industry has a high impact on how women and men are perceived in society.

Five prominent and well-known women of different media businesses in high-ranking positions discussed this topic from the different angles of their companies: the director of a big broadcasting company, the president of the film academy, an independent film producer and the executive director of one of the leading publishing companies.

The discussion under the lead of an anchor woman in German TV, emphasized once more, that only a change in gender relations can generate women’s empowerment and that abolishing negative traditional gender stereotypes is key to achieving gender equality.

The experts highlighted that they have taken considerable measures in their companies to create a positive and non-stereotyped image of women and men in the media, to combating women’s image of inferiority and submission as well as any stereotypes about men’s masculinity.

The discussion also revealed self-reflection and the need to accept leadership and directions from women.

The event under the auspices and in presence of the Minister for Family, Women, Youth and Integration of Rhineland-Palatinate took place in the location of the broadcasting company and attracted over 230 participants, Zontians and non-Zontians.

Finger food and drinks were served at the reception following the event and gave attendees ample opportunity to raise awareness of the many fields of discrimination in women’s lives and of Zonta’s mission to empower women and girls.

Zonta Club of Port Macquarie Inc celebrates centennial with garden party

The Zonta Club of Port Macquarie Inc, Australia, District 24, celebrated 100 years of Zonta International at a garden party on 24 November.

The Hon. Michael McCormack, deputy prime minister of Australia, joined the celebrations. He is pictured in the foreground with District 24 Governor Sharyl Scott and flanked by members and friends of Zonta, including venue host Charles Sturt University staff.

Local State Member, The Hon. Leslie Williams MP Member for Port Macquarie, and local Federal Member Pat Conaghan MP Member for Cowper, are with International Director Margaret Bateman in front of the Zonta Says NO banner.

At day’s end, the club donated the remaining food and lots of cake to the visiting Rural Fire Brigade volunteers who are fighting devastating bush fires ravaging the Mid North Coast and nearby hinterland.

Area 5 in District 30 organizes ‘Women on the Balkans in the next 100’ conference

As part of the official program for the Centennial Anniversary of Zonta International, Area 5 in District 30 organized a conference titled, “Women on the Balkans in the next 100” in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. The conference was organized with the support of Stara Zagora Municipality.

The event was focused on the following topics:

  • Ending poverty – an opportunity for economic independence of Balkan women.
  • Prerequisites and legal regulations for raising the economic status of women.
  • Cyber-crime against women – the new form of violence.
  • Women on the Balkans – most common victims of human trafficking in the EU.
  • Prevention of domestic violence – challenges and good practices.

The conference welcomed 130 guests, lecturers, citizens and other participants, including International Director Sigrid Duden, Bulgarian Vice President Iliana Iotova, Minister of Justice Tsecka Tsacheva, Members of Bulgarian parliament and non-governmental organizations.

Participants at the forum accepted to prepare an open letter to institutions and public bodies including recommendations for legal amendments related to domestic violence in its various modern forms. The official letter will be posted to the Speaker of the House of Parliament Tsveta Karayancheva and the Director of the Parliamentary Committee of Justice

Representatives from not-for-profit organizations and institutions, as well as multiple women leaders, discussed women’s rights and gender equality on the Balkans, the new forms of violence against women and children, cyber crime, education and human trafficking.

All these themes became part of the thriving discussions at the event.

Duden underlined the importance of a strong network of women to support its members on the Balkans and globally, in fighting for women’s rights, and ultimately, for human rights.

In her speech, “Women Leaders in an Age of Leadership Deficit”, Iotova pointed to the professional areas which until today are male territory, e.g. Information Technology.

“Today, women in senior leadership positions are not missing, however we are still far from equality,” she said. “The social and professional role of women is of pinnacle significance today.”

Ivanka Sotirova, vice mayor of Stara Zagora, discussed the significance of quality education for every woman, despite it not always being a priority according to today’s family values.

Tsacheva, whose resignation was handed in and accepted on the day of the Conference, inspired a heated discussion with her speech, “Domestic Violence – Challenges and Best Practice.” Participants debated possible functional legal amendments in the prevention of domestic violence.

Teodora Krumova from the Centre for Multiethnical Dialogue “Amalipe” presented figures related to early marriage in the roma community in Bulgaria, which will contribute to one of the largest projects of Zonta International, which fights child marriage globally.

Commissioner Yavor Kolev, Head of Transborder  Organized Crime Department, at the Ministry of National Affairs shared statistics that one in every 10 women has experienced cyber crime by the time she turns 15, while the MP and national security specialist Manoil Manev talked about the numbers of victims in the country. In 2018, they were 443 compared to 1998 when the women and children victims of human trafficking were over 10,000.

The participants at the forum debated what working legislative changes to prevent domestic violence and violence as a whole can be introduced.

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Clubs in Bangladesh celebrate Zonta’s centennial with lavish event attended by 500

On 23 November, all six clubs in Bangladesh, District 25, celebrated Zonta’s 100 years of journey with the theme “Vintage Affair.”

More than 500 guests attended the event, including Dilruba Ahmed, a Centennial Anniversary Endowment Campaign regional representative and past International Board director, Zareen Delawar Hussain, vice-area director, and the past governors and area directors. The chief guest was Industry Minister Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayon and Dr. Rubana Huq was a guest of honor. All of them delivered speeches.

Nehreen Rahman, president of the Zonta Club of Greater Dhaka, convened the show, which began with Nobel laureate of Tagores women down the ages and was followed by an eye-catching fashion show of members of all Zonta Clubs of Bangladesh in their Mughal (an early-modern empire in South Asia), Zamindari and vintage outfits from the British Era.

The show also included fireworks, the release of 100 blue balloons, flag parade, candle lighting, cake cutting and a centennial brochure.

A raffle was held for attractive prizes and ended professional dancers performing salsa, Jive, twist and waltz.

Zontians from Area 5 in District 30 join for centennial celebration at Sofia University

On 9 November, in the crowded Aula of Sofia University, “St. Kliment Ohridski,” Zontians from Area 5 in District 30 solemnly celebrated the 100th anniversary of Zonta International.

The ceremony was the culmination of a year-long series of events dedicated to Zonta International’s Centennial Anniversary, through which members from Bulgaria, Romania and Northern Macedonia honored the memory of Zonta’s founders and celebrated their achievements in the name of a better life for our women of the world.

There were many state and public figures as guests, including: Diana Savateva, vice-chair of the Committee on Culture in Parliament; Denitsa Sacheva, deputy minister of Science and Education; Doncho Barbalov, deputy mayor of Sofia Municipality; Stefka Kostadinova, chairman of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee; and many other friends who have supported the clubs’ causes over the years

Bulgarian Vice President Iliana Yotova also sent a congratulatory address.

The ceremony was opened by Maria Stefanova, ambassador of the Committee for the Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Europe and Africa IP, and Yana Yaneva-Gencheva, chairman of the District Committee for Honor, History and Archives, with the presentation of a short film about the first years of Zonta International and the creation of Area 5.

Zonta International’s Special Award for Outstanding Contribution to Women’s Empowerment was presented to Reneta Indzhova, the only female prime minister of Bulgaria (1994-1995) by District 30 Governor Valdimira Tracheva.

In her speech, Ms. Inzhdova emphasized: “Advocacy for women is a cause I could not but support. I have always been true to Zonta International’s ideas – to help women be equal. In the name of the human race, in the name of divine unity, we must support intelligent, qualified, free-willed and willing women. ”

The celebration continued with the presentation of the book “I am …”, in which we women of Zonta present the fates of 100 women, an example of pursuit, inspiration, and motivation. Women who have followed their dreams and pursue their goals without fail have left significant traces.

The book was presented by the travel journalist Georgi Toshev, and the author of the biographical references Lilia Filipova, shared with her how much love and admiration for the power of the female spirit worked on the book.

All the ladies who have served as areas directors, since the creation of Area 5 until now, received honorary plaques, in recognition of and appreciation for the dedication, nobility, time and resources dedicated to the organization in the two years of service.

Zonta Club of Bozen-Bolzano honors Zonta’s Centennial Anniversary with interactive museum exhibit

The Zonta Club of Bozen-Bolzano in Italy, District 14, officially opened a showcase in the Women’s Museum of Merano with a ceremony on Saturday, 9 November in honor of Zonta International’s Centennial Anniversary and the club’s 30th anniversary.

During the opening ceremony and in the presence of Zontians and many guests, the club’s president, the Notary Elisabetta Scaramellino, briefly outlined Zonta’s objectives, emphasizing that the focus is always on women.

The concept of the showcase reflects the motto and mission of Zonta.
The showcase consists of wooden poles, over which printed fabric banner are weaved, symbolizing the connecting – networking – interweaving. The banners highlight important events and activities of both local and international Zonta.

On the ground, member patches are spread out from all over the world that shows the diversity of Zonta. The worldwide cooperation and friendship shows the design of the showcase itself.

The glass of the showcase is completely covered with small and big logos of Zonta. Visitors have to make the interior visible by removing the small stickers and taking it home.

The joint opening ceremony by all present Zontians peeling off the stickers was also a demonstration of Zonta worldwide collaboration.

This exhibit lasts through the end of January 2020.

Zonta Club of Milano-Sant Ambrogio celebrates Zonta’s Centennial with a message of inclusion to the fashion business

The Zonta Club of Milano-Sant Ambrogio in Italy, District 28, celebrated Zonta’s centennial anniversary and their own 40th anniversary with a fashion show.

The fashion show, which included women with disabilities as models, was organized in collaboration with La Nostra Comunità, the patronage of Region Lombardia and the Municipality of Milan and the support of several professionals and stars of the Italian fashion and show business industry.

Attended by more than 200 people, the event intended to send out a message against gender discrimination in the fashion business. The funds raised will be used to support projects for the professional and personal growth of these wonderful women.

Zonta Club of Szombathely celebrates Zonta’s 100th anniversary throughout the year

The Zonta Club of Szombathely, District 14, joined Zonta International in 1991, the first in Hungary. Throughout the 28-year history, 55 women have volunteered for longer or shorter periods. The three founding members have been with the club from the beginning.

The club’s activities are organized around four fundamentals:

  1. It represents the values of Zonta, the fact that women’s rights are human rights, that they need to be done to eliminate gender inequality, both globally and locally.
  2. It patronizes the disadvantaged and the abused women.
  3. It supports mothers in need, talented young people (Christmas package, medication catering, scholarship).
  4. It provides: implements regular projects year after year, two of which are joining ZI projects (YWPA, ZONTA SAYS NO).

For Zonta’s 100th birthday, the club published a bilingual anniversary edition called ÉLETKÉPEK/ CLUB-LIFE. Printed and pdf versions of this publication have been sent to the District 14 archives.
They chose “harmonious relationship” as the theme of their Rose Day in March, which is a music-literary show: with the title BEING A PARTNER.

In District 14’s “100 Zontians – 100 Role Models” project, two of the club’s members introduced themselves.

At the anniversary events of the Zonta clubs in Hungary in September, they presented our Életképek / Club-Life publication in Veszprém.

Finally, the club’s centennial commemoration was held on 18 October. In the main square of Szombathely, club members formed the word Zonta together with 100 students holding colorful umbrellas to pay tribute to the founding ladies.

Foundation Ambassador Margot Fleck introduced Zonta International Foundation activities. Club members presented their anniversary publication and the program was accompanied by widespread interest in the local press. Local television also produced a movie summary, seen below.