Zonta Club of Central Oklahoma Celebrates Zonta International Centennial

The Zonta Club of Central Oklahoma, USA, celebrated Zonta’s 100th anniversary in November in two ways.

First, club members furnished an apartment for Neighborhood Services Organization in support of a single mother and her 4-year-old son. The family’s homeless status arose suddenly, but club members responded by working one entire weekend to prepare and furnish an apartment where the family could live. Through this project, Zonta continues a long history of supporting victims and advocating against domestic violence and human trafficking.

The club also celebrated Zonta’s centennial at its November meeting, where members viewed a video on “What is Zonta?” and also heard a presentation about Zonta’s history of empowering women.

Zonta Club of Hsin Chu hosts free clinic to celebrate Zonta’s 100th anniversary

On 17 November 2019, the Zonta Club of Hsin Chu in Taiwan hosted a diverse and successful event campaigning Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women and celebrating Zonta’s 100th anniversary. 

Several like-minded organizations participated in the event. Ten doctors were onsite providing medical advice to the public and a walk for health proceeded at the same time. As part of the event, the members of the Zonta Club of Hsin Chu Zonta donated 37 wheelchairs to three local hospitals for the disabled. The representatives from the hospitals expressed their appreciation to the donors.

All Zontians wore blue polo shirts with “Zonta 100” on them. Orange balloons printed with the Zonta logo and a banner “Zonta Says No” decorated the venue. Visitors were encouraged to put hand palm-shaped stickers onto the specially designed billboard to support eliminating violence against women. Twenty-two Z club students helped with the lucky drawing. Various musical performances attracted local people to listen to and even join Zontians in singing and dancing. The atmosphere was full of joy and happiness.

Five local media outlets covered the event, which helped to increase Zonta’s visibility and promote its claim for protecting women from violence.

Zonta Club of Kaohsiung YuHsiuan exceeds fundraising goal to support Centennial Anniversary Endowment Campaign

The Zonta Club of Kaohsiung YuHsiuan in Taiwan, District 31, recently turned 25 years old, one-quarter of Zonta International’s 100 years.

In honor of the two anniversaries, the club hosted “Hundred for Hundreds for Centennial Zonta,” a fundraiser that called on 100 people to donate US$100 each. The goal was to raise US$10,000 and donate it to Zonta International Foundation’s Endowment Fund to support the Centennial Anniversary Endowment Campaign.

In the three weeks leading up to the fundraiser, club members worked around the clock using state-of-the-art telecommunication applications (e.g. Line) to introduce Zonta and pitch the Centennial Anniversary Endowment Campaign to their friends, families and associates.

Withstanding enervation and with great perseverance, donations came flooding in. In total, they raised US$26,000 from 182 participants (including 153 people each donating US$100 and two donations of US$11,000).

During the celebration, the club not only introduced their services and activities, but also promoted and publicized Zonta International’s 100-year history, the Zonta International Foundation, celebrities, international service, education programs and media publications to the greater Kaohsiung area!

The club’s “Hundred for Hundreds” activity album was filled with photos and gratitude cards, and marked an unforgettable memory in our hearts.

The Zonta Club of Kaohsiung YuHsiuan’s members believe that each act of kindness will reverberate to women and girls every corner of the world, pave the way for a brighter and more empathetic future, and leave a gleaming impression on the illustrious history of the club.

Zonta Club of Frankfort Presents Centennial Anniversary Grant to fund Domestic Violence Intervention and Prevention Program

Co-presidents of the Zonta Club of Frankfort in Indiana, USA, District 6, recently met with the YWCA Greater Lafayette‘s president/CEO to present the Zonta International Centennial Anniversary Grant.

The grant funded the YWCA’s Domestic Violence Intervention and Prevention Program (DVIPP), which manages an emergency shelter and advocacy center. The club co-presidents received a tour of each to see the benefits this grant provided.

The project provided phone lines and the technology to program multi-line digital phones and a projector in the meeting room of a 100-year-old house made of thick plaster. The original phone line was installed in the basement and an earlier attempt to use a wireless signal to upper floors was unsuccessful. The grant has made domestic violence advocates more accessible to victim families in crisis. The projector allows staff to show educational safety and recovery information in a classroom setting.

YWCA Greater Lafayette has been serving women and their families since 1929. Its domestic violence program was established in 1979. For more than 50 years, the program has not only kept victims safe, but also prepared them to become self-sufficient. DVIPP’s six-county service area includes Frankfort.

Photo: The lone Centennial Anniversary Grant received in District 6 was ceremoniously presented by Jeni Royalty (left) and Nancy Harshbarger (right), co-presidents of the Zonta Club of Frankfort, to Allison Beggs, YWCA Greater Lafayette president/CEO.

In the news: Zonta Club of Joliet Area honors long-time community volunteers

In conjunction with the Centennial celebration of the Zonta Club of the Joliet Area, and in partnership with Joliet Junior College’s LUNAFEST celebration on March 19, 2020 at 6 p.m., Dick and Millie Schuster, long-time volunteers in the community will be honored with the Zonta International Centennial Community Award.

Helen Hester Ross, president of the Club, says, “The Zonta Club of the Joliet Area is proud to honor both Dick and Millie Schuster. Both have dedicated their time and talents to providing a lens into the service and programs that Joliet community organizations provide. Their generosity of service makes Joliet a better place.”

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Zonta Club of Vantaa II presents Centennial Anniversary Grant to benefit immigrant women in Finland

On 15 September, members of the Zonta Club of Vantaa II met with the Finnish Federation of Graduate Women, Vantaa Branch, to hand over the US$5,000 Centennial Anniversary Grant awarded by Zonta International.

The award-winning project is called Let’s Work Together, launched at the beginning of 2018. The goal was to employ immigrant women and teach them the Finnish language and Finnish practices. Marja-Liisa Toivanen acted as a “Primus Motor.”

The president of the association, Raija Sollamo, was delighted that the Zonta Club of Vantaa II chose them as a partner and emphasized how rare it is to distribute grants outside of your organization.

“The grant was really needed. We are currently operating in the Western part of the city, but are aiming to find partners and expand our project elsewhere in Vantaa.”

The idea for the project came about during the Let’s Read Together campaign, when it was noticed that immigrant women needed encouragement to use a new language and work outside the home. Many of them already have qualifications in their country of origin, but do not have access to employment due to lacking language skills. Fathers and children of immigrant families quickly learn Finnish at work and at school, but the situation is more difficult for women at home.

The purpose of the Let’s Work Together project is to provide help for the elderly, convalescent, carers and housewives, while also providing opportunities for immigrant women. The arrangement benefits both parties: the service buyer gets help and the immigrant woman gets to improve her Finnish language skills and to know the local culture, while the employer acts as a job instructor.

The project coordinator, Zana Kerveshi, migrated to Finland from Kosovo in 1992 while looking for a job. She now brings together immigrants who are in need of work and Finnish-speaking people who need help in their households.

“Both parties have been satisfied with the results. There have been nearly 40 immigrants, of which some have already been really employed, having gained work experience and improved their language skills. What we need now is more employers.”

Photo: The only Zonta International Centennial Anniversary Grant received in District 20 was handed over by Leena Hjort, vice president of the Zonta Club of Vantaa II (left), to Raija Sollamo (center), president, Graduate Women of Vantaa. Project coordinator Zana Kerveshi right.

Our Icon is Making its Mark!

At the 10th International Creative Media Awards, the Zonta International Centennial Anniversary icon was recognized as an outstanding design and concept in the New Logo category.

The design of the icon, created by Ulrike Verena Heuter of artventures_designstudio, and member of the Zonta Club of Dusseldorf I, was given a Bronze Award.

Nearly 430 entries from 26 countries were submitted to the competition, which aims to exchange creative ideas on an international level.

Congratulations to Ulrike, and to Zontians everywhere who share in this exciting moment!

The Zonta Club of Harrisburg-Hershey celebrated Zonta’s 100th Birthday with storytellers and the presentation of a special award

The Zonta Club of Harrisburg Hershey, District 3, celebrated Zonta International’s 100th birthday on 14 November 2019.

Members and guests enjoyed a trip down memory lane as “Zonta Storytellers” and shared Zonta’s history beginning with Marian de Forest in 1919.

The Zonta Club of Harrisburg-Hershey was one of 62 clubs to receive a Zonta International Centennial Anniversary Grant. The club’s US$5,000 grant went to support Shalom House in Harrisburg and its program “Voices of Hope.”

Shalom House Executive Director Denise Britton attended the centennial celebration and was also awarded the prestigious District 3 Centennial Champion Award. The club was honored to have District 3 Governor Joanne Gallos attend the celebration and present the award to Denise.

The social hour concluded with the group singing a rousing version of “Happy Birthday” to Zonta as Club President Elaine Weinert and Joanne Gallos blew out the candles on the birthday cake.